Candidate filtering, training & appraisals.

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Most businesses struggle with sifting through 100's of candidate CV's when recruiting.

Candidate Filtering

Save time by testing the candidates for your position using our automated testing utility, meaning you only spend time on suitable candidates.

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Flexible Pricing

Each of our clients has a different need, from the number of candidates to the size of the test. Our prices reflect an option for a test-run that suits you.

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Take a Sample Test

To see how simple and effective our tests are, and how your test could look, why not take our sample test right now and see the system in action.

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Appraisals & Surveys

Use our system to highlight the best staff in your organisation by using our staff appraisal system.
It's also ideal for surveys too.

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Meaning that they can rush and miss the ideal candidate, which can be costly on resources and business.

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Candidate Filtering, Training and Appraisals

The Nuts and Bolts It web-based system allows employers to automatically test candidates and analyse the results, meaning time is only spent communicating-with and interviewing those most relevant to the position.

Employers create their own tests so that it asks the most relevant questions to the role, each candidate can also be sent a unique link or login for that specific test, giving you more control.

Further more, it is possible to use the solution to appraise existing staff, helping with all manner of accreditations and legislation.

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If you're an employer or even a recruitment specialist, you can register, create and sample your tests for FREE.

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Our job is to filter the candidates on your behalf by using tailored questionnaires, specific to your job role.

This means you can confidently spend more time dealing with the candidates with the most potential, saving money in the process...

News and Articles

Heart Behind the logo - Why I am so bothered about 10 seconds

Mon 6th July, 2015

I have felt for a very long time a great unease within my conscience over how shortlisting decision makers ascertain and judge suitable applications within 10 seconds.

Heart behind the Logo

Tue 30th June, 2015

I am deeply passionate about challenging some existing conventional recruitment practices and advocate a fresh approach to key stages within the applicant sifting, shortlisting, onboarding and induction phases of the recruitment process.

Repel The missing ingredient to building an effective shortlist of candidates

Fri 9th May, 2014

Increasing pressures for employers and recruiters to reduce and streamline the time to fill metric (on average 23 business days to fill) without compromising on the quality of the hire.

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